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Restoration and Healing One Tissue at a Time


The Faces Behind Movadria

Adrienn Balazs and her staff bring cutting edge care and methods to Physical Therapy and Therapeutic Massage.
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How Movadria Builds Your Theraputic Plan

Adrienn and her staff meet with with you and begin a customized evaluation the promotes a tailored approach to your rehabilitation plan.

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What We Do for You

Therapeutic care that is centered around Building Relationships
Sharing Knowledge
Balancing Care
are all Components of Our Process.
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Helping You Feel Your Best

The goal that drives Movadria is helping you feel your best! Our utmost desire is to help you recover and rebound.
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If you are doing the same thing you can’t expect a different outcome.

Therefore, we are here listen to you, to your history and to your ongoing issues; helping us find your missing therapeutic link.  After we get acquainted with you and your expressed need’s, we do an assessment of your movements and evaluate condition of your tissues.  These two steps are the beginning of our Movadria Care system which provides you the treatment that is the best fit to your physical needs to get you back to your sport or to your every day life.

You can count on our honesty and endless effort to provide the best up to date knowledge.

~Tissue is not an issue~


Sports Massage

Sports massage uses a variety of techniques designed for athletics participants. It helps prevent injuries, prepares the body for athletic activity, maintains optimal body condition, and aid in recovery from injury.

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Active Release Technique

For more than 30 years, Active Release Technique or (ART) treats your body’s soft tissue by combining manipulation and movement.

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Fascial Release

Fascia is the most pervasive, but perhaps least understood network of the human body. Fascia has gone from being a nobody to the body’s superhero is the current biological phenomenon that is receiving long-overdue attention.

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Normatec Compression Boots

A newer innovation, Normatec Compression Boots are designed to cause a lymphatic flush to help bring healthy blood flow back into the region. This helps to remove waste products and reduce inflammation, and swelling. Additionally, these boots also increase circulation in the legs via the same mechanism.

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How Movadria’s view on tissue and injury is different shows in our client intake process.

Our services extend well beyond just tissue massage to relieve tension and stiffness in your body. Nagging pain and ongoing issues that our general massage processes do not provide complete relief and return to function; for those interested, Movadria will create a customized rehabilitation program that will facilitate a return to reduced or pain free movement and activities.

See how we customize a program just for you:



Step 1: Complete Biophysical Profile

A thorough assessment of your biomechanics and muscle testing along with a history of injuries or any other stressors that your body had been through is conducted.

Step 2: We Share Our Introductory Video for Success

Our introductory video was put together not just for a successful first session but as a guide on how to prepare you for your first therapy visit and for success in future visits. We take pride in our assessment and believe it is the key to a successful healing journey. .


Step 3: Expect a Working and Progressive Assessment

As we assess your physical condition and listen to your history during our discovery process, we begin to treat you as we continue to assessing. So your first visit already is a step towards your healing journey. After your session will be able to set the best course of action which is then tailored to your needs. We can provide a variety of services that can help you to overcome whatever you are struggling with and your recovery plan is never set in stone.


Step 4: Not a One Size All For the Duration Program

At Movadria, your success and outcome depends on a variety of factors, and one is the range of treatments available to customize your plan for success. Whatever you are physically struggling with, our range gives us the ability to combine treatments for maximized recovery results. Combo sessions which could include: ART, fascial manipulations along with cupping, ISATM, functional stretching, mircocurrent therapy and cold laser therapy. 


Step 5: Infusions of Knowleged Along the Way

Because we believe an educated client/patient is a successful one, you won’t only get a body treatment but lots of extra useful nuggets that assure you will succeed. Knowing how to help yourself outside of our office is just as important as the treatment plan inside the office.


Step 6: Consistent Plan Evaluation

If there is a need during treatments, body movement changes will be introduced into your success pathway. Suggesting exercises to bringing back muscle balance to nip pain in the butt will be introduced. Additionally as we introduce changed we continually evaluate life components. Mental stress, sleep, hydration, and diet can all contribute to physical pain and are an integral part of a successful recovery plan!

You are abut to embark on an amazing journey of self discovery, getting to know your body and what it is physically capable of.

At Movadria we are experts in the industry and leaders in our field, meaning you have access to the best possible resources to successful physical recovery.

The Faces Behind Movadria



Movadria Owner

Hi! Adrienn here,
I am the owner of Movadria and helping people of all ages, athletic and fitness levels overcome physical limitations from a range of causes. My knowledge of both the body and athletics allow me to apply technology and methods to get you moving at your peak levels.
I have skills in both nursing and physical therapy and rehab and focus on both athletes and nonathletes.
I grew up in Hungary and from the age of 6 have always been involved in sports. From handball to bodybuilding, my athletic experience, my experience as a mother, and my physical therapy background give me a unique perspective on how to make your tissues not the issue!



Therapeutic Assistant


I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio starting both dance lessons and team sports at a young age. I fell in love with being physically active, moving my body, being a member of a team and performing on stage. It was in high school where I learned about weight training, group exercise, CrossFit and the significance of fueling your body through proper nutrition. Integrating these activities into my daily life made me feel strong, confident and creative. This was an opportunity to introduce and help my friends and family live healthier and happier lifestyles. When I discovered yoga and meditation I realized the importance of training your mind as well as your body. 

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