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About Me

Hello! I am Adrienn- and I am Movadria, and I am Here to Make You Better!

Hello! I’m Adrienn

Licensed Therapist

Adrienn grew up in a Central European country known as Hungary, first entering sports through gymnastics at the young age of 6. Before her raw young talent was recognized she was advanced on to an elite sports class. Later moving on to competitive handball and competed for 10 years before a knee injury led to her down the pathway of discovering her real passion; rehab therapy.

Interest in physical therapy and rehab started at a time when she was the patient receiving physical therapy for her knee alongside other high-level and pro athletes. After graduating high school with a degree that emphasized nursing, she went on to college to learn more about physical therapy. During these school years, she took on a year of research as an assignment on the Prevention in Osteoporosis with Fit-Ball exercises. My research won accolades at the Academic student research competition. During my college years, I was involved with fitness and bodybuilding, and continued on to earn my degree in Physical Therapy with honors in June of 2002 and a few years later decided to move to the United States, earning my way as a private therapist and fitness trainer.

Concentrating on building my career in a new country, I concentrated less on my own personal high-level training, in pursuit of learning a second language (English) and finding  my way in a new country (the United States). I taught myself English by watching movies and reading books, and once comfortable in my transition to the United States I met an inspirational personal trainer who served as a mentor and provided the much needed encouragement for me to re-engage in fitness. His sudden death motivated me to open up her own company Movadria LLC and persue this as a way to earn and honor his inspiration.

It was during this time same time I engaged in competitive bodybuilding and running and as I was preparing for her first marathon (DC Marine Corps Marathon) I  faced another knee injury. Determined to keep my goal and not quit I completed my marathon training on a bike, and then went on to  compete in my first half-marathon. Most amazing part of this marathon for me was running through the United States capital city as a new citizen and owning a business that started to grow. After completing this half-marathon, I registered myself in my first triathlon in Key West Florida and taught myself swimming during the three-week period between races.

My love for triathlons and the challenge of it all captured me and soon it was all I could think of. After competing in an Olympic distance race, and first seeing an Ironman race in Cozumel Mexico, I decided to sign up for the Cozumel Ironman. I took 27th in her my group out of about 170 people. It was during the training and preparation for the Ironman that my business exploded, and after the Ironman the growth in Movadria allowed me to add two other massage therapists to the company. I was living my American dream; owning a business and working with athletes in the area of sports recovery and massages.

My life took a turn on May 13th, 2013 when I and a friend were in a serious car accident. My injury’s included an ACL replacement that left me not being able to work for a month. That fall at the Kona Ironman, the ART team that inspired me to not let myself go, but instead pick myself back up and start the road to recovery, getting back to my passion of sports and business!

Motherhood, not injury, led me to close my Naples Florida business (Movadria) and relocate to Guam! I spent almost 5-years on the Island of Guam, raising my son who became my priority with competing in triathlons now coming in a distant second. I transitioned my time from triathlon training to building my company again and I started to compete in the sport of Body Building.

Body Building helped me take a deeper look at what life changes I needed to make to balance success as a mom, therapist, and athlete. Since battling injuries from my car accident, I had to go through therapy alongside my athletic training routine, and suprisingly these proved to compliment each other and helped me earn at my first show a 3rd place in figure (Nov 2016). That taste of success pushed me to want more and dig deeper. I made a strategic coaching change for body building and secured a mentor and a therapist to get me to the top of my game. Just one year after my inaugural body building success and with the help of a great group of mentors, I got to stand on a bigger stage in Hawaii (November of 2017). There I picked up and a 3rd place and in Guam placed just 2 weeks later in another contest winning overall in figure! In 2018 I  received my National Card by winning at the Muscle Contest Competition in the Philippines. As my body building career grew so did my business. My business (Movadria) again expanded to work with world class top athletes, such as; UFC fighter Jon Tuck and Nike Team Runner Michael Berryman in his quest to get him ready for the World competition. I was also chosen to treat Philippine actor Benjamin Alves through a severe ankle injury. My professional client list also includes the National Rugby team, the National Soccer girls team, and I have helped many competitive athletes and teams including; MMA fighters, girls volleyball teams, and CrossFit athletes!

As the word of my treatments spread, my company grew, as did my clientele of professional athletes. Wanting to provide the best service I can, I earned new certifications in Active release in Nerve entrapment treatment, as well as fascial techniques. Securing this knowledge increased results with my clients and in turn helped me grow Movadria even more. My clients were recovering faster, resulting in a who’s who list of many top athletes and teams; such as Dr. Peter Lombard who competed in the Olympics Games (Rio 2016) and rowing team members preparing for competition at the Worlds (Tahiti 2018 Sith Khamvonga). I was also selected to work with multiple athletes, power lifters, triathletes, rowers who competed at the Samoan Games in 2019 and athletes who represented Guam at the CrossFit Games 2018.

I was on the medical team at FIBA U17 Oceania Basketball Championships, and provided medical service at the Uproar Crossfit Games 2018 and the Girls Rugby Championship. I am credited with helping Laura Nadeau get ready for the Kona Ironman World Championship (2018) and Timothy Welden to get conditioned for the Worlds Obstacle race in England 2018. I worked with; Joan Jennings during her Strongman preparation (2018), and IFBB Pro Body Builder Gregory Monk, also helping power lifter Desiree Eay, who earned 1st place (56kg category) at LA Worlds Powerlifting Championship 2019.

So as my amazing years at Guam and several super successful and fun years working with athletes now lead me to work with both athletes and the general public. My goal has always been to help each of them improve their lives and compete at the highest level in their sports or just in general to achieve their dreams!

Today, I still compete and prepared for the Worlds WBFF show at the Bahamas and in August (2019) took 3rd place in Fitness Divs category. I have competed with a plethora of  world class shows with the best of the best in fitness and modeling! Firmly back in Naples, Florida opening Movadria at the Center for Health Performance alongside other Core Health Partners, Movadria (I/We) are ready to help you heal and help your reach your goals while I continue to set sites on becoming a Pro Fitness Diva at WBFF.

My involvement in athletics will continue to drive and power Movadria and power its healing pathways.

Hello! I’m Kaylee

Therapy Assistant

I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio starting both dance lessons and team sports at a young age. I fell in love with being physically active, moving my body, being a member of a team and performing on stage. It was in high school where I learned about weight training, group exercise, CrossFit and the significance of fueling your body through proper nutrition. Integrating these activities into my daily life made me feel strong, confident and creative. This was an opportunity to introduce and help my friends and family live healthier and happier lifestyles. When I discovered yoga and meditation I realized the importance of training your mind as well as your body.  

While pursuing my Bachelors of Science Degree in Business at Eastern Connecticut State University my interest in Exercise Science grew even more. I was completing my business degree when my heart was telling me to further my education in exercise. Upon moving to Naples, Florida in 2017 and working in Hospitality, I received my NASM Personal Training, AFAA Group Exercise, Spinning and Les Mills BodyPump Certifications working at local fitness centers and health clubs teaching group classes and personally training clients one on one. 

Helping others feel comfortable, confident and healthy in their own body is truly my passion and that is why I continue to learn more about the human body and mind to best serve you.

I Work With Individuals, Athletes, Adults and Youth

Individual Therapy

is a pathway from hurting to healing.

Athletic Therapy

is an intense, fast paced recovery pathway from injury back to peak performance.

Youth Therapy

learning about their bodies sports potential through proper mechanic training and injury prevention. Increasing performace through education and training.

Individual Therapy

As you have seen from our introduction, individual therapy is a pathway from hurting to healing. Movadria meets you, gets to know you, and then guides you on a pathway that heals you. No tissue is an issue here, and Movadria will help you overcome any issues to your mobility and performance.

Athletic Therapy

Working alongside athletes is fun and challenging; because they are  more aware of their body and can pinpoint exactly their issues. They get more into detail on the history of their issue. Their histories are more detailed, making it easier for us to put a treatment plan into action. Their sessions are typically more aggressive, and deal with pain more effectively while taking suggestions very seriouly to reach their desired outcome. Just like any other treatment, we start with a full body assessment, targeting what the issue is, and put together a well thought out treatment plan which is followed through the very end. As mentioned earlier, treatments are more aggressive, which can bring faster results! We want you back on full functionality as soon as possible, without hindering your kind of field as little as possible.

Youth Therapy

Working alongside youth can be a little challenging and also restorative healing step that is often taken for granted. It can actually be more crucial,  if kids take a particular sport seriously, to introduce them to how their body mechanics influence how they perform, how they can improve, and how they can avoid getting injured or reinjured as they start becoming adults who are chasing after a higher level of a sport. At Movadria, we believe proper education and guidance can create a conscientious mind which then can be used to unleash their athletic ability less risk of getting injured and a higher peak performance. Sadly, many young athletes are injured before their talent is fully realized and may miss out on future opportunities because of injury. 


Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

"Adrienn is a phenomenal therapist! Her knowledge of the body and her own experience as an athlete transfers amazingly into treating muscle imbalances, pain, inflammation and injuries. She is well organized, responsive, and listens to your needs. Whether I just want a massage or need help rehabbing an injury, Adrienn works magic every time."

Megan Greer – 11/06/2020

"I have experienced chronic and acute lower back and hip pain for over 40 years. During that time I have seen probably 20 different Chiropractors. I am very active working out and hiking and had concluded that this pain would always be with me. That is until I met Adrienn! Adrienn is absolutely amazing and so knowledgeable! She diagnosed my condition in the first 15 minutes and immediately started working on me. I left her office feeling completely different and so much better. On my second visit, I told Adrienn that I have not felt this good in over 40 years!!! What a blessing she is and I'm so grateful for her talent and abilities. Don't live with chronic pain when Adrienn can help you."

Dennis Samblanet – 03/11/2020

"I was struggling with hamstring issues when I first went to Adrienn and through this awesome therapy, she was able to speed healing strength as well as endurance. The great thing was she found the root of the problem as well as other mistakes I was making in my training and helped me to correct them. Without a doubt, she is the finest therapist I have been associated with. I am 67 years old on average running 30 miles a week and she has helped me put Joy back into my training. Thank you so much, Adrienne"

Darrell Haney – 2/25/2020

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